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The Mood Improver - 108 Cultivated Agarwood mala with Baltic Ambers

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Experience a Sense of Serenity with the Mood Enhancer - Featuring 6mm GGG Agarwood and Baltic Amber

Amber, a fossilized resin from ancient trees, is widely appreciated in jewellery and decorative pieces. Baltic amber, sourced from the Baltic Sea region, is renowned for its exquisite beauty and rarity.

Amber has been cherished through the ages for its aesthetic appeal. It is often selected for its unique appearance and the warm, natural glow it adds to jewellery. Among its many uses, amber is a popular choice for creating pieces that are both beautiful and meaningful.

Associated with the zodiac sign of Leo, amber is thought to complement those who are creative, outgoing, and loyal. It is believed to harmonize well with the qualities of these individuals, enhancing their natural strengths.

The combination of agarwood and Baltic amber in a 108 mala bead necklace is valued for its aesthetic appeal. It is often chosen by individuals seeking a tangible reminder of tranquility and mindfulness in their daily lives.