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5E Water- Serenity Flow- Emotion Booster - Agarwood and Gemstone


Serenity Flow is an elegant piece made with a blend of agarwood, lapis lazuli, and onyx beads.
Specially designed for Water Element people

If your birth year ends in the digits 2 or 3, then your element is Water.

 Agarwood is known for its dark, rich wood that is often used to make aromatic oils and incense. It is also considered to have calming properties in traditional practices.

The Lapis Lazuli stones are the focal point of this bracelet, characterized by their deep blue colour with specks of gold and white. This semiprecious stone is believed to enhance wisdom, knowledge, and creativity. It is also associated with improving communication skills, aiding in self-expression, and effectively helping to relieve stress and anxiety.

The black Onyx beads provide a grounding contrast to the vibrant Lapis Lazuli. Onyx is a stone traditionally recognized for its protective properties. It is believed to help balance emotions and support emotional strength, making it a popular choice for those seeking stability and resilience.

Overall, this bracelet combines aesthetic appeal and the purported metaphysical properties of the stones, offering a stylish accessory that is also imbued with personal significance for the wearer.