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5E Fire Blaze Harmony Bracelet - Agarwood and Gemstone


A Singaporean lady contacted me through Whatapp asking for a customised Agarwood bracelet to fit her element. Born in 19*7, her birth year aligns her with the Fire element according to Chinese astrology. She possesses a vibrant energy, an ambitious disposition, and a passion that radiates through her personal and professional life. However, she often struggles to maintain emotional balance, grappling with impulsive decisions and fluctuating moods.

Despite her successes, the intense Fire energy sometimes leads to burnout and emotional exhaustion. Her impulsive nature has occasionally resulted in hasty decisions at work, and her fiery temperament has strained some personal relationships. Seeking a solution, she looked for ways to balance her elemental nature without dampening her inherent passion and drive.

After hearing her story, I designed and crafted the Blaze Harmony Bracelet and presented her with this bracelet.

She was immediately drawn to its concept and design, which is tailored for individuals with the Fire element. Intrigued by the potential benefits of Carnelian, Amethyst, and Moss Agate, she decided to incorporate the bracelet into her daily life.

I believe she is not the only one need this bracelet, so I decide to make it available for who is in need.

Introducing the Blaze Harmony Bracelet – Unleash Your Fire, Balance Your Soul

If your birth year ending in 6 or 7, Fire is your element and this is your bracelet.

Are you a fiery spirit born under the blazing sign of the Fire element? Do you often find yourself burning with passion yet seeking balance?

Discover the power of the Blaze Harmony Bracelet, meticulously crafted to harmonize the fervent energy of the Fire element within you.

Why the Blaze Harmony Bracelet?

  • Carnelian for Unstoppable Energy: Feel the surge of motivation with Carnelian. Known for igniting endurance and courage, this vibrant stone empowers you to pursue your goals with relentless determination. Embrace the energy to transform your fiery impulses into purposeful actions.

  • Amethyst for Emotional Equilibrium: Amidst the flames of passion, Amethyst serves as your oasis of calm. This serene gemstone enhances inner peace, offering clarity and stability to your mind. It's your ally in managing the intensity of emotions, smoothing the edges of aggression and anger.

  • Moss Agate for Grounded Growth: Like the earth that nurtures the fiercest blaze, Moss Agate brings you grounding and growth. It stabilizes your fiery nature, ensuring your passion nurtures rather than consumes. Embrace personal growth and emotional stability, and let your fire burn bright and steady.

Transform Your Fire into Harmony

The Blaze Harmony Bracelet isn't just an accessory; it's a tool for transformation. It's designed for the passionate, the energetic, the leaders and the innovators. Wear it as a daily reminder of your strength and a guide to maintaining balance.

A Perfect Fusion for the Fire Element

Each stone in the Blaze Harmony Bracelet is carefully selected to resonate with your Fire element. Together, they create a symphony of energies that complement and enhance your natural tendencies, fostering a harmonious balance within.

Embrace Your Element, Embrace Your Power

Are you ready to channel your fire with grace and power? To turn your impulsive energy into focused action? The Blaze Harmony Bracelet is more than just a piece of jewellery – it's a companion on your journey to self-mastery.

Order Your Blaze Harmony Bracelet Today

Step into your true potential. Let the Blaze Harmony Bracelet be the catalyst for your balanced, empowered, and harmonious life. Order now and ignite the balanced blaze within you!


While gemstones are often used in various cultures for their supposed healing and balancing properties, these beliefs are based on tradition and personal faith rather than scientific evidence. Nonetheless, the symbolism and thought behind such creations can be meaningful to those who wear them.